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Xebex Air Rower AR-1, Review

Xebex Air Rower AR-1, high-quality indoor rowing machine comparable to Concept2
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The Xebex Air Rower AR-1 is a well-constructed rowing machine, comparable in quality and features to the Concept2.

The Xebex Air Rower features a Damper resistance system with a large range of resistance from 1 to 10 settings – level 1 simulates rowing near the surface of the water with less resistance, while level 10 simulates deeper rowing with heavier resistance for a more demanding workout.

The Xebex Air Rower is ergonomically designed with a slightly angled padded handle for a more natural comfortable grip, and an extra-padded contoured seat that glides smoothly along the 55” angled monorail.  The seat itself is 21” off the ground allowing for swift and easy entry and exit.  The 1-touch footing adjustment on this rowing machine allows for quick and easy adjustments for an efficient and comfortable workout.

Damper resistance system with 1-10 resistance settings on Xebex Air Rower
Damper resistance system
with 1-10 resistance settings
1-touch footing adjustment on Xebex Air Rower
1-touch footing adjustment

There’s no need for aggressive start-up tugs or exaggerated pulls with this rowing machine.  The Xebex Air Rower is designed to pull more smoothly with every pull as you build-up momentum.

Xebex Air Rower's console displays pace, distance, speed, calories, paddle width, watts, heart-rate
Xebex Air Rower's console
The Xebex Air Rower comes with an easy-to-use console that displays motivating workout stats as you row, including pace, distance, speed, calories, paddle width, watts, and heart rate (compatible with any 5k frequency heart-rate chest-belt or watch).

The console offers pre-programmed interval settings and even a “Just Row” option.  You can also set target goals such as distance target, calories or time with a 500m pace option.

Unlike other consoles, Xebex Rower’s console waits for you to begin rowing before it starts to track time etc.  Simply press Start on the console to activate it and you will begin to see your stats as soon as you start rowing.

Xebex Air Rower fold-up frame
Xebex Air Rower
fold-up frame
The Xebex Air Rower can be folded to save space for storage – simply pull the pop-pin that’s attached to the bottom of the base rail, the base rail will collapse and the Rower can then be folded vertically, cutting its length in half.

This rowing machine also comes with 4 transportation wheels for easy portability.

The Xebex Air Rower AR-1 comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years on frame and 2 years on parts.  To give you an idea of this rowing machine’s durability, the Xebex Air Rowers have been tested with 1,000,000 pulls from extra-strength Robotic Arms without failure.  The Xebex Air Rower’s heavy-duty frame weighs around 95 lbs and will accommodate a maximum user weight capacity of up to 500 lbs.

Fitness tip:  Just 30 minutes exercise on a rowing machine could burn between 262-449 calories for women or 310-531 calories for men, depending on the intensity of the rowing.

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications in detail of the Xebex Air Rower AR-1 to help you decide if it’s the best indoor rowing machine for you:

Features of the Xebex Air Rower AR-1 Rowing Machine:

·         Resistance system:  Damper system with 1-10 resistance levels
·         Ergonomic design
·         Slightly angled padded handle
·         Extra-padded contoured seat
·         Seat height:  21” from ground
·         55” angled monorail
·         1-touch footing adjustment
·         Easy-to-use console
·         Stats displayed:  pace, distance, speed, calories, paddle width, watts, & heart rate
·         Programs:  Programmable interval functions (work/rest programs), Just Row
·         Set target goals:  distance, calories, time with a 500m pace option
·         User weight capacity:  up to 500 lbs
·         Fold-up design to save space for storage
·         Transportation wheels
·         Weight of rowing machine:  approx.  95 lbs
·         Shipping weight:  approx. 110 lbs
·         Warranty:  5 years of frame, 2 years parts

Xebex Air Rower AR-1, indoor rowing machine, image, review features & specifications
Xebex Air Rower AR-1, indoor rowing machine


Rowing machines offer an all-round fitness workout, utilizing all the major muscles groups of the body, toning and strengthening as well as helping to improve cardio and burn calories.  Rowing is a low-impact exercise which means that it’s easier on your knees and joints compared to many other forms of exercise while still giving a very effective workout.

See what other customers who have bought the Xebex Air Rower AR-1 have to say about it:

“The Xebex Air Rower took me just 30 minutes to assemble.  It’s an excellent rowing machine and personally I think it’s just as good, reliable and easy to use as the Concept 2 which I’ve used at my local gym.”

“The Xebex Air Rower is on par with the best!  This is a top notch rowing machine and great value.  It’s constructed with quality materials which made this an easy decision to buy.  If you’re considering this or its leading competitor, don’t hesitate to get this one!”

“This is a smooth rower and comparable to Concept2.”

Xebex Air Rower AR-1, review plus buy at low price

N.B.  It's always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional if you are new to exercise or have any concerns relating to your health and fitness regime.  Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use of exercise machines/equipment.

Prices/discounts indicated correct at time of writing/publishing.  E&OE.

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