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How to Beat Cellulite for Smoother Skin and Toned Legs

Cellulite is basically a build up of:
  •         Toxins
  •         Fat accumulation
  •         Fluid retention
  •         Inflammation
  •         Lose skin

Women in particular are prone to Cellulite, that “orange peel” effect that starts appearing on the thighs as a woman gets older.  Cellulite is a result of toxins and fatty deposits building up in the body over time, believed to come mainly from the foods we eat. 

The good news is that it’s never too late to do something about it to get your legs looking smooth, firm and toned again.  To beat Cellulite, you need to target it specifically by looking at the foods you eat, along with specific Cellulite-targeted massage techniques and some topical creams.

Healthy Diet to help beat Cellulite for Smoother Skin and Toned Legs

To help beat Cellulite, you will need to detoxify your body.  Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables will help to clear toxins and fatty deposits out of your system.  Continuing to eat a healthy diet will not only help to clear the toxins out but will help to prevent them building up again in the future.  Many fruits and vegetables contain flavanoids, vitamins, minerals and fibre, which are all good for the body and will help to eliminate toxins.  Spices and herbs will help to beat Cellulite as they contain anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  Try to eat more wholegrain foods and less fatty and processed foods. 

Digesting your food properly is also important when it comes to preventing a build-up of toxins to help beat cellulite.  Make sure you chew your food thoroughly and don’t overeat.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, particularly water, as water helps to flush out the toxins from your body and will therefore help to eliminate Cellulite.  Herbal teas also help to clear out toxins and will therefore help to beat Cellulite.
Bear in mind that too much salt intake will cause your body to retain fluids and you will therefore be retaining more toxins which will in turn cause a build up of Cellulite.

Try to avoid caffeinated drinks as these are over stimulating and cause the body to eliminate important minerals it needs too quickly.  Decaf tea and coffee are much better for you, as they have an abundant of antioxidants which help the body but without the caffeine.

Try to give up smoking and limit your intake of alcohol as these are obvious toxins which will pollute the body and cause a build up of Cellulite.

Creams that help beat Cellulite for Smoother Skin and Toned Legs

Creams that contain caffeine, applied to the Cellulite area, will help boost circulation and fat loss.

Concentrated creams that contain several natural anti-cellulite ingredients, applied twice a day, will help beat cellulite.

Retinol creams can help to reduce the appearance of Cellulite over time, but are not suitable for everyone.  Be warned, some people are allergic to the ingredients in these types of creams.

Massage and other techniques that help beat Cellulite for Smoother Skin and Toned Legs

A strong massage that specifically targets the Cellulite areas will help.

Use a Stiff Brush to brush the skin in the areas where Cellulite occurs.  This will help to increase the blood flow to the area and reduce the build up of fluid and toxins.

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Exercise will help you to lose weight and tone up your body.  Aerobic exercises will help to burn calories and fat, thereby helping to reduce the fat cells in the Cellulite.  Resistance training will help to strengthen the muscles and tighten the skin.

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Presso therapy, used in beauty salons and some spas, can help to reduce or even eliminate Cellulite.  It involves deep physical stimulation via an electronic cuff that is placed around each leg.  Each cuff is filled with air and the pressure simulates a deep massage on the legs.  This pressure helps to stimulate blood flow and tightens the skin.

Radio frequency and infrared light systems can help to break up the Cellulite.  Used in beauty salons and spas, this usually involves several treatments to see some lasting results.

N.B.  If you are concerned about Cellulite or any other health issues, it is advisable to talk to your doctor or health care professional.

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