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ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer, Review

ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer, review of features of this impressive gym quality machine
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The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer is a gym-quality machine for home use and combines a commercial quality build with impressive features.

The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer features a 32 lb Effective Inertia Enhanced Flywheel and SMT Silent Magnetic Resistance for a smooth and quiet workout.

With the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer's 25 Digital Resistance Levels, 0-20 degree Digital Quick Incline, and 32 Preset Workout Apps, there’s plenty to keep your workouts varied and challenging.

ProForm 1110 E console, image
ProForm 1110 E console
The 7” backlit console display on the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer features integrated Quick Touch controls and is iFit enabled.  In addition, it is iPod compatible and has an integrated iPad Holder, so you can listen to music or look at things on your iPad while you exercise.

Additional features of this impressive elliptical trainer include: an 8” Coolaire fan, EKG grip pulse, a wireless heart-rate chest strap, a water bottle holder, and front-mounted transport wheels.

Useful Tip: A 30 minute workout on an elliptical trainer can burn approx. 310 calories for women or 378 calories for men.

Let’s take a closer look at the features in detail of the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer to help you decide if it’s the right elliptical trainer for you:

Features of the ProForm 1110E Elliptical Trainer

·        Front drive.
·        20”-22” power adjustable stride.
·        32 lb Effective Inertia Enhanced Flywheel.
·        0-20 degree incline.
·        Integrated Quick Touch handles to easily control incline, stride length and resistance levels.
·        SMT Silent Magnetic Resistance.
·        25 digital resistance levels.
·        Forward and backward motion.
·        32 preset workout apps.
·        EKG grip pulse and wireless heart-rate chest strap.
·        7” backlit iFit display.
·        Integrated Quick Touch controls.
·        iFit Race Track.
·        iFit enabled.
·        Audio:  iPod compatible.
·        Integrated iPad holder.
·        Adjustable over-sized cushioned pedals for comfort.
·        Soft touch upper body grips.
·        Integrated 8” Coolaire fan.
·        Water bottle holder.
·        Front-mounted transport wheels for portability.
·        Constructed with commercial-gauge solid steel for long-lasting durability.
·        User weight limit:  up to 375 lbs.
·        Approx. Size of elliptical trainer:  68” long x 26” wide x 73” high
·        Approx. Weight of elliptical trainer:  240 lbs


For peace of mind, the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer comes with the following warranties:

·        Frame – lifetime
·        Parts – 5 years
·        Labor – 2 years


·        The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer is solidly built to gym-like quality for long-lasting durability.
·        The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer has plenty of resistance levels, programs and inclines to keep your workouts varied and challenging.
·        Elliptical trainers offer the ability to work both the upper and lower body, giving an effective total body workout, while being low impact which means that they are kinder to your knees and joints than many other forms of exercise.


·       You have to pay extra to use the iFit fitness app.

How Elliptical Trainers work:

Elliptical trainers are a great way of getting a total body workout while being low impact on your body and joints.  Elliptical trainers help to improve your cardiovascular health and work both your upper and lower body at the same time.

The motion action of the pedals simulates a natural striding motion, while the handlebars move up and down.  Combining these two actions together gives a feel similar to the action of skiing.

See what customers who have bought the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer have to say about it:

“I’m totally impressed with the quality of the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer.  I have used commercial elliptical trainers and this one is perfect for home use.  The heavy flywheel gives it the resistance and stability you need.  I put the elliptical trainer together myself, it was time consuming as assembling any piece of gym equipment is.  You need to bear in mind how heavy it is when trying to assemble it.  The console display is easy to use and read.  I love the feel of the fan, although it is a little loud.  The bottle holder will hold a full-sized camelback bottle.”

“I love my ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer.  This does everything you could ever want from an elliptical trainer machine.  The motion is smooth and the handles are ergonomic and comfortable.  There’s so much to this machine – Wifi, iFit, goal setting, fan, iPad holder, phone jack, heart-rate monitor.  There’s loads I haven’t learned to use yet!  I just love it, it makes exercising fun.  I paid to have the machine assembled but I’m sure you could do it yourself if you had someone to help you.  If it’s within your price range, don’t hesitate to buy this elliptical trainer, it’s awesome!”

N.B. It's advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

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