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Natural Remedies for Travel or Motion Sickness

Chewing on Crystallized Ginger
can help relieve travel sickness
Wearing a Sea Band / Acupressure Band
on the wrist can help relieve nausea

What is travel sickness?

Travel or motion sickness is a common problem when travelling by car, boat or plane, and is a result of repeated movement and vibration causing an imbalance/disturbance of delicate organs in the inner ear.  These changes in a person’s sense of balance and equilibrium can result in feelings of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and sweating.

Travel sickness can affect people of all ages, and children particularly can be more prone to it.  Travel sickness can often be accentuated if you have low blood sugar levels, so having some sweets to suck on can help when travelling.

Tips on how to help prevent or lessen the severity of travel sickness

You can help prevent or lessen the severity of travel sickness by adhering to the following rules:

·        Avoid eating or drinking too much before and during your travel.  In particular, avoid alcohol, spicy , fatty or heavy foods.
·        Avoid reading or playing games.
·        Keep calm and relax.  Try listening to music, focus on your breathing or carry out a mental activity like counting backwards from 100 to help calm your mind.
·        Keep cool.
·        Where possible, open a window or vent for fresh air or go on deck on a boat.
·        If possible, when travelling by car or boat, fix your gaze on the horizon or other stable object.
·        Minimize head movements by using a pillow or headrest for support.
·        Avoid sitting in a seat that faces backwards from the direction in which you are travelling.
·        Choose a seat where you are likely to experience the least motion/movement.  For example:

·        Boat or ship:  the center of the ship at lower levels generally experience less motion than the higher levels and outer sides of the ships.
·         Plane:  the center of a plane over the wing tends to experience the least motion/turbulence.
·         Car:  sit in the front seat.

Natural remedies for travel sickness

There are a number of natural remedies that can help to reduce or eliminate the effects of travel sickness, including the following:

One of the best natural remedies for travel sickness is ginger.  Chewing on a small piece of crystallized ginger can help to relieve the symptoms of travel sickness.  Alternatively, try sipping small amounts of ginger tea frequently throughout your journey.

Ginger is also available in capsule, tablet or lozenge form for ease of use.

Peppermint tea can also be beneficial in helping to settle the stomach when travelling.  Try sipping small amounts of peppermint tea frequently throughout your journey.

Chamomile tea is another herb tea that is said to help settle the stomach.  Like the above teas, try sipping small amounts of chamomile tea frequently throughout your journey.
Sea Bands / Acupressure Bands

Sea Bands or Acupressure Bands are elastic wristbands which contain a plastic bead which is said to stimulate the acupressure point located in the wrist which controls nausea.  Alternatively you can stimulate this acupressure point by pressing on it using your index finger of the opposite hand.  This acupressure point is located on the inside of the forearm between the 2 tendons, approximately 2 inches above the wrist crease.

N.B.:  It’s advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional if you have any concerns regarding your health.  Always consult your doctor before using herbs or other alternative therapies if you are pregnant, taking any other medication or have any other health issues.  Some herbs/alternative therapies are not suitable for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, people recovering from surgery, people with epilepsy, babies and young children, or people with sensitive skin.  Alternative therapists seek to work in conjunction with the medical profession.  Always consult a registered/licensed alternative therapist before using herbs or any other alternative therapy.

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