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Make 30 Minutes of Exercise Feel Like Just 5 with a Goji Play

Goji Play, review, turn your exercise machine into a game machine, free games, make 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5, compatible with iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, iPhone
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Goji Play Game Controllers can be mounted on your equipment & wireless Activity Sensor can be clipped on clothing or placed in pocket to incorporate movement into your game
Goji Play Game Controllers
& wireless Activity Sensor

If your workouts are beginning to feel like a bit of a drag, then the Goji Play is just what you need to make them fun again.  With the Goji Play you can transform your cardio equipment into a games machine and watch the time fly by!

The Goji Play works with your own cardio machine such as an exercise bike, elliptical trainer or treadmill, and requires one of the following Apple products to play:  iPad 3 or above, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Generation, or iPhone 4s and above.

The Goji Play offers a growing number of free games and apps, plus other low-cost games (20 so far with new games and apps being introduced on a regular basis) - playing becomes part of your workout with game controllers that can be either mounted on your equipment or handheld, while the wireless Activity Sensor (clipped on to your clothing or placed in your pocket) incorporates your movement into the game.

Display your fitness metrics in real time with Goji Play, including time, distance, calories
Display your fitness metrics
 in real time with Goji Play
Whilst exercising with the Goji Play, your Fitness Metrics are displayed in real time so you can see the progress you are making towards your goals as you workout.

The Goji Play is great fun for all the family - you can have multiple user accounts with the Goji Play so you can personalize it for each member of the family, allowing them to set their own goals with their own preferred games and apps.

Let’s take a closer look at the features in detail of the Goji Play:

Features of the Goji Play

·         Fuse your exercise workouts with games.
·         Make your interactive workouts your own with a choice of free games and apps, plus other low-cost games, with prices ranging from free to a few dollars (20 games/apps so far, with more being added regularly).   Games/apps include:

Smash the Blocks game with Goji Play
Smash the Blocks game
·         Smash the Blocks
·         Fisticuffs
·         Riptide GP
·         Blimp Breaker
·         Into the Dead
·         Mars Xplorer
·         Flying Hippo
·         Plunder Pit
·         The Experiment
·         Trivia Time
Fisticuffs Game with Goji Play
Fisticuffs Game
·         Shine Runner
·         Spin or Die
·         APO Snow
·         Beat Drop
·         Ralaga
·         Try your Luck
·         Super Moto X
·         Goji Reader

·         Multiple user accounts so each person can set their own goals and choose their own games and apps.
·         See your workout stats in real time, such as distance, time, calories.
·         2x game controllers with Velcro straps – mount on your equipment or can be handheld.
·         2x foam batons (for use if you don’t have handlebars on your equipment to strap the game controllers to).
·         1x Wireless Activity Sensor.
·         1x Micro USB charging cable.
·         1x wall charger.
·         4x AAA batteries included.
·         Requires your own exercise equipment such as:
·         Stationary exercise bike
·         Elliptical trainer machine
·         Treadmill
·         Stair-stepper
·         Compatible with and requires your own Apple/iOS product such as:
·         iPad 3 and above
·         iPad Mini
·         iPad Air
·         iPod Touch 5th Generation
·         iPhone 4s and above
·         iOS 6.1 or above

The Goji Play will turn your old exercise machine into a fun fitness machine!  Simply download the free Goji Play app from the App Store to your iPad/iPod/iPhone, configure your equipment within the app and then choose your games.  With fun games like snowboarding, cycling between traffic, ball rolling, and objectives like collecting gems or avoiding obstacles, you’ll soon forget you’re exercising and time will fly by.  Your workout actions like running or cycling control the speed of the character in the games.  The Goji Play is simple and easy to use and very addictive – enjoy!

Goji Play, make 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5, picture, image, review features & specifications, plus list of games
Goji Play, make 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5

See what customers who have bought Goji Play have to say about it:

“The Goji Play makes exercising so much fun, I haven’t worked out this much in a long time!  Awesome.”

“The Goji Play is the best exercise device aid I’ve bought in a long time.  It’s very simple to use and it’s much easier to track your workout progress with this.”

“Playing with the Goji Play while exercising keeps me going and really does make the time fly by.  Keeps me peddling for sure.”

Goji Play, review plus buy at competitive low price online

N.B.  It’s always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional if you are new to exercise or have any concerns regarding your health and fitness regime.

Prices/discounts indicated are correct at time of writing/publishing.  E&OE.

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