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Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer, Review

Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer, review features, 10 workout programs, 16 levels of ECB magnetic resistance, low-mid range elliptical machine
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Designed for home use, the impressive Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer features a compact front-drive system, together with ergonomic features to deliver a comfortable workout with maximum results.

With its oversized console, the Schwinn 425 features intuitive controls that are easy to use, and a large easy-to-read  brickyard display 5” x 2.25” LCD window screen that displays your workout stats,including time, distance, speed, resistance, heart-rate, and calories burned.

Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer console with large easy-to-read 5" x 2.25" LCD screen and intuitive controls
Schwinn 425 console with
large 5" x 2.25" LCD screen
The Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer is one of Schwinn’s low-mid range elliptical machines, with enough programs and resistance levels to keep your workouts interesting and challenging.

It offers 16 levels of smooth ECB magnetic resistance and 10 workout programs, which is more than the Schwinn A40 but less than the Schwinn 430, and as such is attractively priced approximately mid-way between the two.

Premium features on the Schwinn 425 include articulating footplates which are normally found on more expensive higher-end elliptical trainers, plus a sound system (2 speakers with MP3 connectivity) and a 3-speed cooling fan.

Motivational tip:  Just a 30 minute workout on an elliptical trainer can burn approx. 310 calories for women or 378 calories for men, depending on the intensity of your workout.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that the Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer has to offer to help you decide if it’s the right elliptical trainer for you:

Features of the Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer:

·         Compact front-drive system.
·         Heavy-duty flywheel.
·         Large LCD window, 5” x 2.25”, with brickyard display, shows your workout stats:
·         Time
·         RPM
·         Distance
·         Results
·         Speed
·         Calories burned
·         Resistance level
·         Course profile
·         Heart rate
·         10 workout programs:
·         6 Profile
·         2 Feedback
·         Custom
·         Quick Start
·         Grip heart-rate sensors.
·         16 levels of Eddy Current Brake magnetic resistance.
·         Fixed 18” stride.
·         Articulating foot plate.
·         Moving and static handlebars.
·         3-speed fan.
·         Water bottle holder.
·         Reading rack.
·         Sound system:  MP3 music/media port with 2 Speakers.
·         User capacity:  up to 300 lbs.
·         Stability:  6 levelling points for a stable workout platform.
·         Portability:  Transport wheels included.
·         Power:  AC adaptor included.
·         Weight of elliptical trainer:  150 lbs.
·         Dimensions:  62” long x 26” wide x 71“ high.


For peace of mind, the Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer comes with the following warranty:

·         Frame – 5 years
·         Parts, mechanical & electrical – 1 year
·         Wear parts – 3 months
·         Labor – 3 months


The Schwinn 425’s dual-action handlebars allow you to work both your upper and lower body for a total body workout, giving an effective workout while being low-impact on your joints compared to many other forms of exercise.  The Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer is a solidly built machine that is sturdy and quiet in operation.  Although it doesn’t have as many features as higher-end models like the Schwinn 470, it’s straightforward to use and still offers enough programs and resistance levels to keep your workouts varied and challenging.  Additional features included with the Schwinn 425 like the fan, reading rack and speakers, are a bonus for an elliptical trainer found in this price range.

Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer, picture, image, review features & specifications
Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer

See what other customers who bought the Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer have to say about it:

“I’ve been using the Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer about twice a week for over a year now.  It’s really sturdy and provides a good elliptical resistance workout.  I wasn’t sure how long the machine would hold up when I bought it, but it’s still going strong and does the job.  This is well built and performs better than I thought it would, with everything still working perfectly a year on.  It’s a no-nonsense machine that isn’t bogged down with too many bells and whistles.  I recommend it.”

“The Schwinn 425 is an awesome elliptical.  I’ve had it almost a year now and it’s great.  It took me around 2 hours to assemble the machine and came with detailed instructions.  I did purchase some extra grease as was suggested, and as such have had no problems (I did take it apart once to add more grease).  Both me and my partner use this machine at least 5 times a week each.  It’s a very sturdy and very good quality elliptical machine.

Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer, review plus buy at discounted low price

N.B.  It’s advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discounts indicated are correct at the time of writing/publishing.  E&OE.

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