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GolfBuddy Voice GPS, Review

GolfBuddy Voice GPS, multilingual audio talking GPS, provides audio distance measurements, plus visual displays on 1" mono LCD screen, preloaded with over 35,000 worldwide golf courses
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The GolfBuddy Voice GPS is a powerful audio/talking GPS with a visual display screen and packed with enhanced features all in a compact size!

The GolfBuddy Voice is simple to use and provides audio distance measurements with adjustable volume (multilingual, 8 languages pre-loaded) as well as visual displays on its 1” mono LCD screen.

 The GolfBuddy Voice GPS is preloaded with over 35,000 worldwide golf courses with a capacity for 40,000 courses.  The GolfBuddy Voice features automatic course and hole recognition, and provides shot distance measurement as well as distance to front/center/back of the green.  In addition, the GolfBuddy Voice displays Dynamic Green View.

GolfBuddy Voice GPS, detachable clip to clip onto your cap or shirt
GolfBuddy Voice GPS,
detachable clip
The GolfBuddy Voice GPS utilizes a rechargeable battery (9 hour battery life) that can be charged via the supplied USB cable or wall charger.  It’s also compatible with an optional 12V car charger.

The GolfBuddy Voice GPS can be placed in your pocket or clipped onto your cap or shirt.  It’s a detachable unit that can be paired with optional accessories such as a wristband or belt clip for added versatility.  The GolfBuddy Voice comes with a silicon case for protection against the elements.

The good news is that there are no fees to pay with the GolfBuddy Voice and updates are free.

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications in detail of the GolfBuddy Voice to help you decide if it’s the right Golf GPS for you:

Features of the GolfBuddy Voice GPS:

·         Provides Audio distance measurements
·         Adjustable volume
·         Multilingual, 8 languages:  English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
·         Display screen:  1” mono LCD
·         5 buttons
·         Preloaded with 35,000+ worldwide golf courses
·         40,000 course capacity
·         Automatic course & hole recognition
·         Shot distance measurements
·         Distance to front/center/back of green
·         Dynamic Green View
·         Clock
·         Rechargeable lithium polymer battery:  9 hour battery life
·         USB cable & wall charger included
·         PC interface:  Micro USB 5 Pin
·         Silicon case included
·         Detachable unit with clip
·         Compatible with optional accessories such as 12v car charger, wristband, belt clip
·         No fees, free updates
·         Operating temperature:  14 to 122 degrees F  (-10 to 50 degrees C)
·         Dimensions:  1.68” height x 1.68” wide x 0.43” deep  (42.8mm x 42.8mm x 11mm)
·         Weight:  0.99 ounces / 28 g (including battery)

GolfBuddy Voice GPS, image, review features & specifications
GolfBuddy Voice GPS

See what other customers who have bought the GolfBuddy Voice GPS have to say about it:

“The GolfBuddy Voice is a great golf GPS.  This unit is small enough to be inconspicuous and you can clip it to your visor and hear the distances no problem without removing your hat.  In my mind, this is much better than an app on iPhone or watch.  There’s virtually no set up and it’s very intuitive to use.  This has got to be one of the most inexpensive tools for determining distance.”

“The GolfBuddy Voice is a great little tool to have when playing golf.  I’ve found it’s best to clip it onto your cap or keep it in your pocket.  I did buy the wristband accessory but wouldn’t recommend that as the unit came loose and fell off a couple of times – luckily I found it both times and there’s no damage, but I wouldn’t recommend the wristband.  Great GPS unit though!”

“I bought this for a relative and he loves it!  He walked round a couple of golf courses to spot-check its accuracy and is very happy with it.  He clips the GolfBuddy Voice onto his hat bill and simply presses the button on the unit while it’s on his hat and it tells him the remaining distance.  Better than the handheld ones his friends have got where they have to fumble around with and read screens.”

GolfBuddy Voice GPS, review plus buy at low price

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