All things Health & Fitness, including: diet and exercise, home gym equipment, food and calories, nutrition, vitamins and herbs, alternative therapies.

I've always had an interest in health and fitness, both traditional and alternative.  For me, they go hand in hand.  Combining traditional vitamins, food, and exercise, with herbs and alternative therapies gives you the best of both worlds for optimum health.

Share in my thoughts, discussions, and reviews of all things health and fitness, including:

  • Latest diet news, and do they work?!
  • Advice on food and calories, you'd be surprised just how many calories are in everyday foods and drinks.
  • Advice and reviews on the best exercises most suitable for you, depending on your own level of health and fitness.
  • Advice and discussions on the benefits of different types of exercises and exercise equipment.
  • Reviews of new and older home gym equipment, the good, the bad, and which are better than others!
  • Nutrition, vitamins and herbs - what are they and what benefits do they bring?  See how they could help support the body for general health and how they could help with specific health conditions.
  • Explanations and discussions on a whole range of traditional and alternative therapies (such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Herbal remedies), and how they can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine.  Besides the healing benefits of therapies, simply participating in them can be wonderfully relaxing in itself.
  • Health conditions explained and what you can do to help yourself.
  • Advice, discussions and reviews on relevant health, exercise and fitness topics, related books, videos and  music, including mind, body and soul for ultimate health and relaxation. 
  • Featured discounted products relating to all things health and fitness.

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