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Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine, Review

Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine, with dual action split suspension, maximum 90 degrees amplitude of the swing pedal, low impact total body workout
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Get a total-body low-impact cardio workout and burn calories to lose weight with the Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine.

The Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.  This gliding exercise machine focuses on stretching and strengthening your muscles in a low-impact way that’s easier on your joints compared with many other types of exercise.

The Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine is designed with a dual-action split suspension system that provides a complete range of motion and freedom of movement.  This unsurpassed range of motion allows you to go fluidly from a slow walk to a full run with no sudden jarring stops.

The Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine offers a maximum 90 degrees amplitude of the swing pedal.

It’s straightforward and easy to use – stand on the machine and start moving your legs back and forth.  As the pedals move, so do the handlebars so you effectively work both your lower and upper body together.  The Alpine Elliptical Glider has no built-in resistance levels so you can effectively control the intensity of the workout yourself – lengthen your stride and increase your speed by moving your legs faster with a wider stride to increase the intensity closer to a running speed or slow down your speed and decrease the width between your stride for a slower walking pace.

Alpine Glider's electronic display, image, displays workout stats including time, speed, distance, calories burned
Alpine Glider's electronic display
Sturdily constructed, the Alpine Elliptical Glider is stable and comfortable to use, offering a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs.  The foot platforms feature a safe non-skid design and the handlebars are covered with high-density foam EVA cotton for extra comfort.

The Alpine Elliptical Glider comes with an electronic display that shows your workout stats as you exercise including time, speed, distance and calories burned to help keep you motivated.

To help save space when not in use, the Alpine Elliptical Glider features a folding frame design and rear-mounted transportation wheels so you can easily store the machine away or move to a new location if required.

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications in detail of the Alpine Elliptical Glider to help you decide if it’s the best fitness machine for you:

Features of the Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine

·         Elliptical Glider fitness exercise machine
·         Total-body cardio workout, burns calories
·         Low-impact for less stress & strain on your body
·         Stretches & strengthens muscles
·         Dual-action split suspension system
·         Complete range of motion & freedom of movement
·         Go from slow walk to full run with no sudden jarring stops
·         Maximum amplitude of swing pedal:  90 degrees
·         Electronic display (battery operated):  shows workout time, speed, distance, calories burned
·         Foot platforms:  non-skid PP plastic
·         Handlebars:  high-density foam EVA cotton covered
·         User weight capacity:  up to 250 lbs
·         Folding frame for storage
·         Folded dimensions:  approx.  12” long x 29” wide x 65” high
·         Rear-mounted transportation wheels for easy portability
·         Overall dimensions:  approx.  44.5” long x 29” wide x 52” high

Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine, image, review features & specifications
Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine

See what other customers who have bought the Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine have to say about it:

“The Alpine Elliptical Glider is a great piece of exercise equipment for the price.  I wanted an exercise machine that I could use without thinking while watching the TV and the Alpine Glider is perfect.  I’m in my 60s and under 5ft tall but managed to get this machine up the stairs on my own.  The machine works quietly and doesn’t take up much space.  It folds up easily although I plan to leave it open so I can hop on it throughout the day.  I did have a query and found the company’s customer service responsive and committed to customer satisfaction.”

“I was excited to get the Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine.  It’s a great simple elliptical and gives a total body workout.  It was important to us that it was low-impact and we feel no impact on our knees at all.  It arrived quickly and was mostly pre-assembled.  It’s not the best for storing but we plan on leaving it out on an equipment mat.  The computer was running when we opened the box but we didn’t bother putting that on the machine as we won’t use it.  The glider takes up a lot less space than we thought it would.  It did have a strong smell when we first got it out of the box but that went away quickly.  This machine really does help to stretch you out a bit, we were surprised how nicely it did that although it did feel a bit odd to step onto to begin with (we’ve never used an elliptical before).  I actually like this glider machine better than our old treadmill.  It feels much nicer on the legs yet still gives a good workout if you try hard enough.  The handles on this machine are easy to hold and the foot pedals have texture and a lip at the front so you can’t push your feet off the pedals.  The Alpine Glider is simple to use, not too bulky and the cables seem sturdy.  Overall, this is a good machine.”

Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine, review plus buy at low price

N.B.  It’s always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discounts indicated correct at time of writing/publishing.  E&OE.

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