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J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical, Review

J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical, for exercising while you work sitting at a desk or standing up
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Uniquely designed, the J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical features adjustable pedals so you can use this compact machine either sitting or standing – ideal for adding some easy cardio exercise to your daily life!

The J/fit Mini Elliptical fits under most desks and features 3 different pedal adjustment modes for the perfect fit – 2 angled modes to adjust for your height and ankle range of motion while using the elliptical seated and 1 flat mode for using the elliptical while standing.

J/fit Mini Elliptical with 3 different pedal modes for sitting or standing, flat for standing or 2 different angles for sitting for different user heights
3 different pedal modes
for sitting or standing
It’s quick and easy to adjust from one mode to the next and the J/fit features front rollers for easy rolling out from under the desk and moving around the room and there’s also a top handle for easy carrying.  The unit’s front handle offers additional support and can be used to hold a chair with wheels.

The J/fit Mini Elliptical utilizes large skateboard wheels for smooth and quiet operation – you can easily exercise while working at your desk, typing, talking on the phone or even at home watching the TV.  Besides operating smoothly and quietly, the larger wheels allow for less wear and tear.

J/fit Mini Elliptical, Adjustable tension dial knob & Series 1050 display monitor (turns for easy viewing in standing or sitting mode) displays time, distance, speed, calories
Adjustable tension dial knob &
Series 1050 display monitor
The J/fit Mini Elliptical features a simple-to-use turn dial for adjustable tension – turn the tension dial up or down to increase or decrease the resistance depending on how much of an intensive workout you want.

The J/fit Mini Elliptical incorporates a Series 1050 monitor that displays your time, distance, speed and calories burned.  The monitor dial turns for easy viewing for either the standing or sitting mode.

Fitness tips: 
·       You could burn up to 300 calories while sitting or even more while standing with the J/fit Mini Elliptical
·       In Standing mode, add some arm weights to burn more calories

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications in detail of J/fit Mini Elliptical to help you decide if it’s the best under-desk exercise machine for you:

Features of the J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical:

·         Exercise while you work at a desk, watch TV & more
·         Sit or stand to exercise
·         Compact design to fit under most desks
·         Stride length:  10-15”
·         Adjustable angle pedals:  flat mode for standing or 2 different angle modes for sitting (ideal for different user heights)
·         Adjustable tension:  simple turn dial to increase or decrease intensity of workout
·         Series 1050 monitor:  displays workout stats for time, distance, speed, calories burned
·         Monitor dial turns for easy viewing in either sitting or standing mode
·         Front rollers:   for easy rolling out from under the desk & moving around room
·         Top handle:  for easy carrying
·         Front handle:  for additional support & holding a chair with wheels
·         Large skateboard wheels:  allow for smooth & quiet operation plus less wear & tear
·         User weight capacity:  no limit while sitting;  250 lbs standing
·         Dimensions:  approx.  27.2” x 15” x 11”
·         Weight:  approx. 26.5 lbs

J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical, image, review features & specifications
J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical

See what other customers who have bought the J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical have to say about it:

“The J/fit Mini Elliptical is the perfect solution for staying active t your desk.  I’ve tried under desk bicycle pedals before but they were too distracting constantly trying to make sure your knees don’t hit the top of your desk.  I didn’t get on with treadmill desks either because it’s impossible to type and walk at the same time and standing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either.  I’m using this mini elliptical right now as I’m typing this review and it doesn’t hinder my thinking/typing/working one bit.  I use this mini elliptical on a low setting and it gives a good workout throughout my legs.  The stride is rather short but that’s what makes it good to use under a desk.  If you don’t plan to use it for work/under desk you may prefer a full-size elliptical machine.  I love how you can adjust the height of the pedals on this to accommodate different user heights – I’m 5ft 2” tall and have it on the highest setting – a taller person may prefer the lower setting.  I did initially have a squeaking problem with this unit but put a little oil on the roller-skate wheels and the squeaking disappeared.  I did initially look at a different model which was more expensive so was pleased to find this one for less than half the price.  While there are cheaper models, this is the only one that has the adjustable pedals and seems really sturdy.”

“I use the J/fit Mini Elliptical virtually every day at the office.  It’s great that I can always get a workout in!  I love that it’s quiet and doesn’t distract anyone I’m talking to on the phone.  The timing feature is amazing – I can see how long I’ve been pedaling, the speed I’m going at, and how many calories I’ve burned.  It has wheels for easy transporting from my car to the office.  Think my office mates are a little jealous!  Highly recommended.”

J/fit Under Desk or Stand Up Mini Elliptical, review plus buy at low price

N.B.  It’s always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

Prices/discounts indicated are correct at time of writing/publishing.  E&OE.

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