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Teeter FreeStep Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer, Review

Teeter FreeStep Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer, total body workout with zero impact on joints
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Get all the calorie-burning benefits of a traditional elliptical, treadmill and stepper but in a more comfortable seated position with the Teeter FreeStep Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer.

The Teeter FreeStep offers a new level of ease and comfort to exercise, providing a stress-free zero-impact cardio and total body strength workout.

Much like the machines you find at a physiotherapy clinic, the FreeStep is ergonomically designed to be both Back-Wise and Body-Healthy by alleviating the impact of your bodyweight on your back and joints.

Elliptical pedals on Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer
Elliptical pedals
The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer combines a unique elliptical pedal motion path with adjustable moving handlebars to work both your upper and lower body, targeting all the major muscle groups for a very effective yet zero-impact workout.

The Teeter FreeStep’s unique pedal motion provides a super smooth fluid stride and is designed to protect the knees, thus eliminating the risk of knee injury typically associated with traditional cardio machines.

The adjustable moving handlebars can be worked in unison with the foot pedals to engage all the major muscle groups of the body.  Alternatively, you can reposition the handlebars to target the biceps, triceps and back muscles.

Adjustable seat & backrest on Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer
Adjustable seat & backrest
The Teeter FreeStep’s adjustable seat provides optimal posture with its multiple height settings for a custom fit and 3-position backrest that provides support and comfort with its naturally-reclined seated position that helps to reduce body fatigue and eliminate stress on your back and joints as you exercise.

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer features variable magnetic resistance to accommodate a range of abilities and fitness levels, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workout with a simple-to-use turn dial.

Digital LCD monitor on Teeter FreeStep tracks workout stats including time, speed, distance, calories burned
Digital LCD monitor
The Teeter FreeStep comes with an easy-to-read digital LCD monitor that tracks and displays your workout data with stats such as time, speed, distance and calories burned.  The monitor is battery-powered so you can place the machine anywhere in your home without having to worry about finding a space near a wall power socket.

The Teeter FreeStep operates whisper quietly so you can watch TV or listen to music as you exercise without having to turn the sound up!

Built with commercial-grade engineering, the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Elliptical is constructed with a virtually friction-free linkage system to ensure long-lasting durability.  The FreeStep’s low profile design and affordable price makes it ideal for home use, bringing you all the benefits of the recumbent elliptical machines you find in a physiotherapy clinic into the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Let’s take a glance at the features and specifications in bullet points that the Teeter FreeStep has to offer to help you decide if it’s the best recumbent cross trainer for you:

Features of the Teeter FreeStep Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer:

·         Zero impact total body strength & cardio workout
·         Delivers the calorie-burning benefits of elliptical/treadmills/steppers while seated
·         Smooth elliptical pedal motion protects the knees & joints
·         Adjustable moving handlebars
·         Handlebars can be repositioned to target biceps, triceps & back muscles
·         Variable magnetic resistance:  adjust the intensity with a simple turn dial
·         Wide 3-position reclining seat & multiple height settings
·         Naturally-reclined seated position reduces body fatigue, supports your back & eliminates stress on joints
·         Easy-to-use LCD monitor (battery powered) displays workout stats including:  time, speed, distance & calories burned
·         Device stand
·         Water bottle holder
·         Whisper quiet operation
·         Commercial –grade engineering
·         Virtually friction-free linkage system for long-lasting durability
·         Low profile footprint:  approx. dimensions  52.5” x 54” x 38”
·         Weight:  approx.  110.9 lbs
·         Rear-mounted transport wheels

Teeter FreeStep Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer, image, review features & specifications
Teeter FreeStep Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer

See what some customers who have bought the Teeter FreeStep Elliptical Recumbent Cross Trainer have to say about it:

“Both myself and my husband have had knee replacements and we use the Teeter FreeStep to strengthen our muscles and keep our knees stretched and flexible.  It works very well for us.  This machine is very well built and in our opinion is well-worth the price.”

N.B.  It’s advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discounts/shipping indicated correct at time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime.  E&OE.

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