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Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer, Review

Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer, with 30 lb flywheel, 22" stride length, Switch Select cushioning system, up to 10% incline, 20 magnetic resistance levels, 9 programs
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The Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer is a high performing elliptical machine similar to the Bowflex’s top-of-the-range E216 but with a slightly lighter flywheel at 30 lbs (instead of 35 lbs) and not quite as many resistance levels and programs as the E216 (20 resistance levels instead of 25 and 9 programs instead of 11).

Like the E216, the Bowflex E116 is sturdily built and designed with ergonomic comforts and some high-end features to keep your workouts motivating.

The Bowflex E116 Elliptical Trainer utilizes a 30 lb flywheel and magnetic resistance for smooth and quiet operation.  There are 20 resistance levels to keep you challenged, 9 programs to choose from to keep your workouts varied, and up to 10% motorized incline to activate more muscle groups.

The Bowflex E116 Elliptical Trainer offers a 22” stride length (precision path) and features Switch Select Cushioning System on the pedals which provides low-impact cushioning along with adjustable pedal tilt for comfortable positioning and best ergonomics.

Burn Rate Console on Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer. Bluetooth compatible, 4 user profiles, 7.5" LED color backlit display
Burn Rate Console
The Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer comes with a premium Burn Rate Console that’s easy to use and easy to view.  It features a large 7.5” LED color backlit screen which displays motivating workout stats including time, speed, distance, calories (the Burn Rate console allows you to see total calories burned every minute) and heart rate (heart rate is measured via built-in pulse sensors or via a wireless chest strap).

The console allows for up to 4 user profiles so 4 different people can use the elliptical machine on a regular basis and keep track of their workout stats.  In addition, the console is Bluetooth compatible so you can sync it with the Bowflex Free Results Series App for online fitness tracking (compatible with both iOS and Android devices).

The Bowflex E116 Elliptical Trainer’s moving handlebars are ergonomically designed with multi-position grips, allowing you to find the most comfortable grip position and also allows you to work different muscles depending on hand placement.  The moving handlebars also feature convenient In-Reach controls.

Additional features of the Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer include dual speakers with MP3 input, built-in media shelf/device holder, USB charger port, and a handy water bottle holder.

Sturdily built with a durable steel frame, the Bowflex E116 allows for an extended user weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications in detail of the Bowflex E116 to help you decide if it’s the best elliptical trainer for you:

Features of the Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer:

·         Flywheel:  30 lb
·         Drive system:  Front drive with magnetic resistance
·         Stride length:  22” precision path (on dual rail system)
·         Pedals:  Switch Select Cushioning System with low-impact cushioning & adjustable pedal tilt
·         Motorized Incline:  up to 10%
·         Resistance levels:  20
·         Preset programs:  9 intuitive “push and go” programs
·         User profiles:  4
·         Console:  Burn Rate Console  (see total calories burned every minute)
·         Screen:  large 7.5” LED color backlit display
·         Stats displayed include: time, speed, distance, calories, heart-rate
·         Heart-rate monitor:  pulse grip & wireless strap
·         Bluetooth:   4.0 compatible
·         Online app:  Free Results Series App (available on iOS & Android devices)
·         Media shelf/device holder:  built into console
·         Static handlebars:  with pulse-grip heart-rate sensors
·         Moving handlebars:  multi-grip positions with In-Reach buttons
·         Sound system:  dual speakers with MP3 input
·         USB charger
·         Water bottle holder
·         User weight capacity:  up to 400 lbs
·         Frame:  steel
·         Portability:  front-mounted transport wheels
·         Dimensions:  approx.  77” long x 31” wide x 70” high
·         Shipping weight:  approx.  298 lbs
·         Manufacturer’s warranty:  15 years on frame & motor; 5 years on mechanical parts & electronics; 2 years on labor
·         Model no.:  BXE116

Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer, image, review features & specifications
Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer


The Bowflex E116 Elliptical Trainer is a premium machine built for high performance and long-lasting durability.  Features to note that aren’t found on the cheaper ellipticals include the adjustable pedal tilt/cushioning system, In Reach controls in the moving handlebars, multi-position grips, and motorized incline.  Whilst there are cheaper machines on the market, they can’t beat the quality and features of the Bowflex E116 and if you’re serious about exercising then this elliptical machine is well worth the investment.”

Bowflex E116 BXE116 Elliptical Trainer, review plus buy at low price

N.B.  It’s always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discount/shipping indicated correct at time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime.  E&OE.

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