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Comparing Nautilus MY18 T618 versus Nautilus MY18 T616 Treadmill, What's the Difference?

Nautilus MY18 T618 Treadmill, Performance Series for HIIT training, review features compared with Nautilus MY18 T616
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Nautilus MY18 T618
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Nautilus MY18 T616 Treadmill, review features compared with Nautilus MY18 T618
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Nautilus MY18 T616
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The Nautilus MY18 T618 and Nautilus MY18 T616 are high-quality treadmills designed with ergonomic comforts and packed with features to keep your workouts motivating and progressively challenging.

The MY18 T618 is Nautilus’ premium treadmill from their Performance Series range and incorporates light-commercial components making it suitable for the more serious athlete and HIIT training.  Higher-end features/components of the T618 over the T616 include a more powerful motor (3.5 chp vs 3.0chp), larger crowned rollers (2.75” vs 2.5”) and a more durable light-commercial belt (3-ply Tyre vs 2 ply).

Nautilus MY18 T618 running deck, image, 20" x 60", light-commercial Tyre belt
Nautilus MY18 T618 running deck
However, the Nautilus MY18 T616 is still an extremely good treadmill and offers many of the same features as the T618, including a 20” x 60” running belt, 0-12 mph speed range, 0-15% motorized incline, 26 workout programs, 4 user profiles and Bluetooth connectivity for online fitness tracking.

Both the Nautilus MY18 T618 and T616 feature a deck cushioning system that helps to soften your landing and reduce the impact on your joints.  The T618 features a Rebound Cushioning System while the T616 features a StrikeZone 6-hex cell cushioning system.

The consoles on the Nautilus MY18 T618 and T616 Treadmills vary slightly in design but both are intuitive to use and feature Dual Track screens for displaying a wide range of motivating workout stats including time, speed, distance, calories and heart-rate.  Both treadmill screens are blue backlit for easy viewing but the T618 has an STN screen that is the best in the fitness industry, offering a wider viewing angle and better visual colors.

Nautilus MY18 T616 console, image, with Dual Track blue backlit display
Nautilus MY18 T616 console
Nautilus MY18 T618 STN console, image, with Dual Track blue backlit display
Nautilus MY18 T618 STN console

To help you stay within your target heart rate zone as you exercise, both the Nautilus T618 and T616 offer contact pulse grip and telemetry heart-rate monitoring.

Additional features on both the Nautilus MY18 T618 and T616 Treadmills include in-console speaker with MP3 input, USB charging port, media shelf, 3-speed cooling fan, dual water bottle holders, accessory holder, transport wheels, and an easy-to-use SoftDrop folding deck system.

Both treadmills are sturdily built, but being the higher-performing treadmill and constructed for more intensive use, the Nautilus MY18 T618 allows for an extended user weight capacity of 350 lbs compared to 300 lbs on the T616.

For peace of mind and to reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in the long-lasting durability of these treadmills, they both come with a generous warranty but as you would expect the premium T618 comes with a longer warranty than the T616 (see details in the table below).

Let’s take a glance at the main differences and similarities in features in the comparison table and bullet points below between the Nautilus MY18 T618 and MY18 T616 to help you decide on which is the best treadmill for you:

Main differences in features between the Nautilus MY18 T618 versus Nautilus MY18 T616 Treadmill:

Retails online at around
$500 MORE than the T616
Retails online at around
$500 LESS than the
MY18 T618
MY18 T616
3.5 chp (continuous horse power)
3.0 chp (continuous horse power)
3 ply  2.5mm light-commercial Tyre belt
2 ply  2.0mm thick
2.75” crowned rollers
2.5” crowned rollers
Rebound Cushioning System
6 Hex Cell StrikeZone Cushioning System
STN DualTrack 2 blue backlit LCD screens
DualTrack 2 blue backlit LCD screens
Integrated towel rail & accessory bar
Accessories storage rack
Up to 350 lbs
Up to 300 lbs
Approx.  72.44” long x 35.24” wide x 57.68” high
Approx.  77.2” long x 35.2” wide x 57.6” high
Approx.  288 lbs
Approx. 215 lbs
·         Frame & motor – 15 years
·         Parts/electronics – 5 years
·         Labor – 2 years
·         Frame & motor – 10 years
·         Mechanical & electrical – 2 years
·         Labor – 1 year

In addition to the above features, the Nautilus MY18 T618 and Nautilus MY18 T616 Treadmills BOTH offer:

·         20” wide x 60” long running surface
·         0-12 mph speed range
·         0-15% motorized incline
·         Quick access buttons for speed & incline adjustment
·         26 programs including interval, training, weight management, heart-rate & custom
·         4 user profiles
·         Stats displayed include time, speed, distance, calories, heart-rate
·         Bluetooth connectivity for online fitness tracking with Nautilus Trainer/Connect, MyFitnessPal & other partnered fitness apps
·         Contact pulse grip & telemetry enabled heart-rate monitors (chest-strap included)
·         Adjustable 3 speed cooling fan
·         In-console acoustic chambered speakers with MP3 input
·         USB charging port
·         Media shelf
·         Dual water bottle holders
·         Soft Drop folding deck
·         Front-mounted transport wheels
·         Electric powered, standard 110v household socket (power adapter included)
·         Black color


If you’re a serious athlete looking for an intensive workout at home, then the Nautilus MY18 T618 is the treadmill for you.  Its heavy-duty construction is designed to take more of a pounding and is ideal for HIIT training in the comfort of your own home.

For many people looking for moderate exercise, the Nautilus MY18 T616 Treadmill would be more than adequate for your needs and like the T618 it is packed with features to keep your workouts varied and motivating.

Both treadmills rival many of the more expensive treadmills in the higher categories and are well-worth the investment to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

N.B.  It’s always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discounts/shipping indicated correct at time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime.  E&OE.

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