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Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill, Review

Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill, compact size, for light to moderate use, speeds from 1 to 10 km/h, 3 manual inclines, 14" x 44" running belt
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Stay in shape in the comfort of your own home with the Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill.

The Merax JK1603E is a low-priced compact-sized treadmill that won’t take up too much space in your home and is suitable for light-to-moderate use.  You can even fold the deck up and roll it away on its transport wheels for easy storage when not in use.

Merax JK1603E's folding deck
Merax JK1603E's
folding deck

The entry-level Merax JK1603E Electric Treadmill can be plugged into a standard household socket and utilizes a 500w motor which offers speeds from 1 km/h up to 10 km/h.  For additional challenge, you can manually adjust the incline (3 incline positions) to give yourself more of an intensive workout.

The Merax JK1603E Treadmill has a cushioned running deck for less impact on your ankle, knees and back muscles.  The running deck surface measures 14” wide by 44” long.  This treadmill is suitable for walking, jogging and light running.

Merax JK1603E's console, with 3 built-in programs for interval training and manual control. LCD screen displays time, distance, speed, calories, heart-rate
Merax JK1603E's console
The Merax JK1603E Treadmill comes with a straightforward and easy-to-use console that offers 3 built-in programs for interval training and manual control.  The pre-set programs alternate between high and low intensity recovery periods to help improve your aerobic capacity and continue to burn calories even after your workout has finished.

The Merax JK1603E’s LCD screen displays motivating workout stats as you exercise so you can monitor your time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart-rate.  Your heart-rate is measured via pulse grip sensors built-into the treadmill’s handlebars.

Additional features of the Merax JK1603E Treadmill includes 2 cup-holders so you can keep hydrated as you exercise, and an emergency stop key for safety.  This treadmill allows for a maximum user weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.

Fitness Tip: Jogging for just 30 minutes could burn approx. 465 calories for women or 566 calories for men, depending on the intensity of your workout

Let’s take a closer look at the features and specifications in detail of the Merax JK1603E to help you decide if it’s the best home treadmill for you:

Features of the Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill:

·         Motor:  500 watts
·         Speeds:  1 km/h – 10 km/h
·         Manual adjustable incline:  3 positions (approx.  1.38 degrees, 2.66 degrees, 4.16 degrees)
·         Running belt size:  14” wide x 44” long
·         Cushioned deck
·         Programs:  3 built-in for manual & interval training (alternates between high & low intensity recovery periods)
·         LCD screen displays:  time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart-rate
·         Heart-rate monitor:  pulse grips sensors in handlebars
·         2 cup holders
·         Emergency safety stop key
·         Folding deck
·         Transport wheels
·         User weight capacity:  up to 220 lbs
·         Power:  electric,  110v,  plugs into standard household socket
·         Dimensions:  approx.  25” x 45” x 58”
·         Folded dimensions:  approx.  25” x 25” x 51”
·         Weight of treadmill:  approx.  70 lbs
·         Warranty:  1 year on frame & motor

Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill, image, review features & specifications
Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill

Useful tips / Notes on maintenance:

·         Regular maintenance and minor adjustments will help to prolong the life of your treadmill.  Avoid over-tightening the running surface, but if it becomes loose then small adjustments such as ¼ or ½ turns are recommended to tighten it.  Turn clockwise to tighten it or anti-clockwise to loosen it.  Turn both sides evenly for general tightening/loosening.  If the running surface moves to one side, tighten that loose side.

See what other customers who have bought the Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill have to say about it:

“I love the Merax JK1603E treadmill.  It’s a perfect size for small living quarters.  It appears durable and I’m hoping it will last for many years.  I definitely get an excellent workout from it!  The motor is quiet and emergency stop sure works.  It’s lightweight and folds up for easy storage in my closet or even under my bed.  I’m very satisfied with this treadmill.”

“I live in a condo so have limited space and I love that this treadmill is nice and compact.  It took me around 10-15 minutes to assemble.  The Merax JK1603E is really good value.  It has many different speeds to challenge you and 3 adjustable inclines on the base of the treadmill.  I don’t always want to go to the gym, especially in the winter, it’s too much hassle clearing the snow off the car etc.  So this is perfect for me – I can get my laundry on and workout on the treadmill while I’m waiting for the laundry to finish!  It works quietly and is easy to fold up and wheel away when you’re finished.  I was a little apprehensive about ordering this as you never really know what you’re going to get, but so far I’m very happy with it and it’s worth the $$s.”

“The Merax JK1603E Electric Treadmill is sturdy enough for walking, jogging and light running.  It’s smaller than gym treadmills but there’s still plenty of room to get a good workout.  I’m glad I bought this instead of spending loads of money on a different one.  This was simple to assemble, but needed 2 people to do it.  Good treadmill.”

Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill, review plus buy at discounted low price

N.B. It’s always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

Prices/discounts indicated are correct at time of writing/publishing.  E&OE.

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