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Comparing Sole R72 versus Sole R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike, What's the Difference?

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike, review features plus compare with R72
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Sole R92 Recumbent Bike
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Sole R72 Recumbent Exercise Bike, review features compared with R92, 18 lb flywheel, 20 resistance levels, 10 programs, adjustable seat with backrest, 7.5" display
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Sole R72 Recumbent Bike 
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The Sole R72 and Sole R92 Recumbent Exercise Bikes combine quality build and an ergonomic design for user comfort, together with a great range of features to keep your workouts varied and motivating.

The Sole R72 and R92 Recumbent Bikes feature a large comfortable adjustable seat with backrest for support and correct posture, with ergonomically designed pedals which have a 2 degree inward cant to minimize strain on your feet and knees.

The Sole R92 is the higher-end model over the R72 recumbent bike, constructed for more intensive use with a heavier flywheel (20 lb compared to the R72’s 18 lb).  Both bikes offer 1-20 levels of smooth and quiet ECB (Eddy Current Brake) magnetic resistance with quick-touch controls on the console for easy adjustments.

The Sole R72 and R92 both offer a variety of 10 pre-set workout programs including hill and strength training.  There are 6 standard programs, 2 heart-rate programs, and 2 custom programs.  You can choose to follow the set programs or design your own and pedal at your own pace.

The consoles on both the Sole R72 and R92 feature a backlit LCD screen which differs in size between the 2 recumbent bikes, with the R92 having a larger screen at 9” compared to the R72’s 7.5” screen.  Both display motivating workout stats such as time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate.

Heart-rate can be monitored in 1 of 2 ways, either via the built-in pulse-grip sensors in the handlebars by the side of the seat or via a chest-strap.  A chest-strap heart-rate monitor is included with the Sole R92 but not with the R72.

Sole R72 Recumbent Bike console, image, displays time, speed, distance, calories burned & heart rate
Sole R72 console
Sole R92 Recumbent Bike console with Bluetooth & tablet holder, image
Sole R92 console with
Bluetooth & tablet holder

The newly updated Sole R92 Recumbent Bike now offers Bluetooth connectivity so you can seamlessly transfer workout data to online fitness apps on your own mobile device.  The R92 also features a handy USB charging port to charge your tablet or mobile phone as you exercise.  The Sole R72 does not have Bluetooth or USB port.

Additional features found on both the Sole R72 and R92 Recumbent Bikes include an integrated cooling workout fan, a convenient water bottle holder and a handy media shelf.  The newly updated Sole R92 also features an integrated tablet/phone holder at the top of its console which the R72 does not have.  Both the Sole R72 and R92 feature a built-in sound system, although this differs between the two recumbent bikes - the R92 features Bluetooth audio speakers, while the R72 is MP3 compatible only.

Both the Sole R72 and R92 Recumbent Bikes are constructed with a strong and durable steel frame with aluminum shroud.  There’s a slight difference in the overall size and weight of these machines (see full specifications in the tables below) and subsequently in the user weight capacity allowed for each bike, with the R72 accommodating for users up to 290 lbs while the R92 allows for a slightly higher user weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

Fitness tip:  Just a 30 minute cycle ride could burn between 207-345 calories for women, or 252-420 calories for men, depending on the intensity of the cycling.

Let’s take a glance at the Sole R72 and R92's main differences and similarities in features and specifications laid out in the easy to read table and bullet-points below to help you decide on which is the best Recumbent Exercise Bike for you:

Main DIFFERENCES in features between the Sole R72 versus Sole R92 Recumbent Exercise Bikes:

Retails online at around $100 LESS than the R92
Retails online at around $100 MORE than the R72
18 lbs
20 lbs
  • Media shelf
  • MP3 speakers
  • Cooling fan
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging port
  • Media shelf & integrated tablet holder
  • Bluetooth audio speakers
  • Cooling fan
  • Heart-rate chest strap included
Up to 290 lbs
Up to 300 lbs
Approx.  50” high x 52”
long x 29” wide
Approx.  50” high x 57”
long x 30” wide
Approx.  121 lbs
Approx.  134 lbs
·         Frame – lifetime
·         Parts – 1 year
·         Electronics – 1 year
·         Labor – 1 year

·         Frame – lifetime
·         Parts – 3 years
·         Electronics – 3 years
·         Labor – 1 year

In addition to the above features, the Sole R72 and Sole R92 Recumbent Exercise Bikes BOTH offer:

·         Low-Step-Through frame design for easy mounting & dismounting
·         Comfortable cushioned seat with backrest for support
·         Seat  adjustable for different user heights
·         Eddy Current Brake magnetic resistance system
·         1-20 resistance levels
·         10 pre-set programs:  6 standard, 2 heart-rate, 2 custom
·         Displays time, speed, distance, calories burned & heart-rate
·         Pulse-grip heart-rate sensors built into handlebars by side of seat
·         Chest-strap heart-rate compatible
·         Cooling fan
·         Audio speakers
·         Water bottle holder
·         Ergonomic  over-sized pedals with 2 degree inward cant to help prevent strain on feet & knees
·         Construction:  strong sturdy steel frame & aluminum shroud
·         Front & rear stabilizers
·         Transportation wheels


Recumbent bikes offer a more laid-back feel to exercising, yet still give a good cardio and fitness workout that can help you to tone up and burn calories.  The step-through frame design of recumbent bikes makes them easy to get on and off, and the seat with backrest is comfy and provides welcome back support.  These types of bikes are suited to people of all ages and fitness levels and are particularly ideal for people who have lower back problems or who are recovering from injury but have been advised to exercise.  It’s easy to see why people who exercise on a recumbent bike are more likely to stick to and achieve their fitness goals in the long term.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either of these 2 Sole recumbent bikes.  They are both built to high specifications and offer the same amount of resistance levels and programs to keep your workouts motivating and varied.  If you’re likely to use the recumbent bike for light to moderate use, then opt for the Sole R72 – it will be more than adequate for your needs and costs less than the R92, saving you some hard-earned cash!  If however, you’re likely to use the recumbent bike more intensively, then opt for the more heavy-duty Sole R92 – not only do you get the advantage of it being more heavy-duty but you get some great extra features (indicated above) which make it well worth the money!


N.B.  It’s advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional if you are new to exercise or if you have any concerns regarding your health and fitness regime.

*Prices/discounts/shipping indicated  correct at time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime.  E&OE.

(Article first published 2016; updated & republished 2019)

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